Camille Pace

Camille Pace

Camille Pace RN, BSN, RNC- NICU

Registered Nurse

Camille Pace is a registered nurse with 24 years of experience in neonatal intensive care (NICU), clinical nursing instruction, teletriage and adult medical surgical.

She worked in the NICU for 18 years and holds a long-standing certification in this specialty since 2008.

She achieved her nursing diploma in 2000 from Centennial College in Ontario, Canada, and her bachelor’s degree of science in nursing from Vanguard University of Southern California, USA.

Camille is a freelance Health Writer, NCLEX Test Writer, and owner of The Write Maverick, LLC. She started as a freelance writer in 2022.

She has a strong grasp of medical language and the ability to explain complicated health ideas in an approachable way because to her experience as a nurse. In order to help readers make the greatest health decisions possible, Camille writes informative blogs and articles about health. She considers quality, credibility, and clarity when writing, editing, and proofreading each item..

Camille presently contributes to HealthDay's health journalism projects and produces NCLEX questions for LearningMate.